Lithuanian speech managed services (LIEPA)

Purpose of this project is to create and develop a technological infrostructure (special laboratories isntallation, modern lithuanian language synthesizer creation, speech recognition engines creation etc.). After this project and during the project there will be capability to create target groups designed for lithuanian language digital services, scientists will be capable of doing research and to spread their knowhow. During the project there will be two parts which customers target group:
1. Service for the whole society

2. Specific target groups.

Waste Management creation of state services ATVR

Purpose of ATVR - The tool is made to register all companies that are handling and reproducing waste, including intermediary and companies those are keeping dangerous waste for more than 6 months, and ordinary waste longer than one year.

Youth and children counseling and information system (JAVAKIS)

Information technology tool used to inform and consult youth,children and their guardians or foster parents. Administer youth and organizations that are dealing with youth project, to check young employees qualification.

(In the process of implementation)

Electronic election system LitVote

Electronic information system LitVote is designed to ensure performance of the Lithuanian Central Election Commission and regional election commissions’ functions when organizing and conducting elections, political campaigns, control over political parties financing, the election day information management, online functionality of publishing electoral and political campaigns and political party financing information, including electronic services to voters.

Lithuanian Central Election Commission

„The purpose of the system is to optimize and centralize the institution’s data management and publication and to ensure that all IT systems function smoothly, the information is updated and operatively provided to the users.“

Zenonas Vaigauskas
The Commission Chairman
Quality management system installation and the citizens service improvement services (QMS)

The quality management system installation and the citizens service improvement system (QMS) implemented in the Lithuanian State Labour Inspectorate at the Ministry of Social Security and Labour (hereinafter - SLI) is designed for the improvement of the State Labour Inspectorate’s activities and services, more effective control of the occupational safety and health protection status of employees in the country's enterprises.

The State Labour Inspectorate at the Ministry of Social Security and Labour

"The project implemented by JSC „Algoritmų sistemos“ enabled to introduce an advanced risk assessment information system, complying with international standards. This system, based on self-assessment, is designed to improve SLI internal processes, and the measurement of indicators will facilitate objective information-based solutions for improving the activities, notice arising problems and adopt timely and effective solutions."

Vilius Mačiulaitis
Chief State Labour Inspector of the Republic of Lithuania
Information system ATRIS – the system for administering charges for municipal waste

The program ATRIS is designed for companies entrusted to administer charges for municipal waste. ATRIS programmatically performs functions of administrating charges for municipal waste: compilation of the companies and / or general database, tax calculation, reporting / billing formation, payments and debtors control, analysis of all-level data.

JSC „Alytus regional waste management center“

"The information system installed by JSC „ Algoritmų sistemos" enables to efficiently administer charges for communal waste and automate processes required to be carried out for this activity." 

Algirdas Reipas
Waste management software - waste accounting, customer service and logistics information system

The solution includes: environmental waste accounting, customer information management, marketing services, waste management, and optimization of the waste collection order routing for motor vehicles. The system is integrated with accounting, allowing customers to place orders online and view information about the services received and billing. The decision ensures an accurate and efficient waste accounting, formation of statutory environmental documents and customer service.

JSC "Žalvaris"

"We started working with JSC “Algoritmų sistemos” in 2008. Then we thought of the idea to develop a computerized waste management program, thus replacing previously used Excel tables. The work and development process took several years; the program has been improved more than once. We are satisfied with the overall result achieved. We hope to continue our efficient cooperation."

Sigitas Ašmonas
Director of Commerce
Scholarships and financial assistance for students IS PARAMA platform development services

Information system PARAMA is intended for collection, provision, systemization and analysis of the data on financial assistance beneficiaries, essential for an efficient administration of the state funds. The programming involves 6 subsystems (User service - for collecting the original data from the legal and (or) natural persons; System administration – intended for organization of the protection, making data back-ups and data recovery and user management; Social scholarship – designed for collection, analysis, management, etc. of data on the social scholarship recipients; Repayment - designed for collection, analysis, management, etc. of repayment data. Exchange of data with other systems and registers is programmed as well.

The State Studies Foundation

„IS PARAMA enables automated management of financial assistance for higher school students."

Jūratė Marcinkevičienė
Chief specialist
Municipal land lease tax calculation information system MASIS

This is a flexible system for calculating and accounting for the municipal land lease tax, including preparation of the initial data required to calculate the fee, registration of the land lease contracts, granting the tax incentives and tax estimate, formation and printing of the taxpayers’ declarations (reports), formation of the tax liabilities and monitoring their enforcement, and many other tasks.

Vilnius City Municipality Administration

„The information system MASIS, developed by JSC „Algoritmų sistemos“, enabled to achieve a faster, more accurate and more efficient customer service and to improve the organization of our activities."

Klaudija Leonė
Head of the Tax Department
ATAPAS waste accounting information system

ATAPAS software is designed for companies engaged in accounting for the waste and secondary raw materials: waste producers and processors - collectors, importers and exporters, transporters and processors. Program enablesw aste registration, waste classification by prepared classifiers, administration of branches / waste collection sites, administration of the company contacts - waste holders and beneficiaries, formation and printing of environmental magazines, standardized or individual reports and other documents.

SC „Vakarų laivų gamykla“

"By installing the program JSI Algoritmų sistemos specialists voluntarily removed those records and accounting forms that were in non-compliance with daily activities and use, our improving offers were taken into account as well as trainings were proffessionally organized.We found out that absorption of program management tools and principles had made it easier to manage and summarize the data and reports."

Gintautas Jurgėlas
Chief ecologist
Informational system for the transport sector companies - TRANS. & FORWARDING

TRANS. & FORWARDING system is designed for companies that provide cargo transportation and forwarding services. The program is designed after having evaluated the needs of successfully growing companies and the latest trends in the use of information technology.


"The project implemented in partnership with "Algoritmų sistemos“ enabled the introduction of an advanced information system, complying with international standards, which is fully in line with expectations of our company, and helps to optimize the company's activity. We highly appreciate the quality of "Algoritmų sistemos” specialists’ work and quick response to the arising problems and their extremely fast solution."

Rimvydas Savickas