No less than 7 % of the company‘s budget is allocated on innovations
No less than 7 % of the company‘s budget is allocated on innovations

If you want to grow a plant, you should water it. And if you want to achieve productive results, you need to invest: time, money and other resources. We seek for the best results for you, so we systematically and purposefully spend part of our funds on investment. Leadership and innovation - these are the words that describe our business. These words are followed by actions - each year no less than 7 percent of the company’s budget is allocated on innovation.

It is important for the investment to pay off and create an extra added value for the company. A higher value for us benefits to you and your business. And all of this is due to investment and our appropriate attitude towards innovation.

Recognition and evaluation of the work

The majority of work carried out by “Algoritmų sistemos” involves unique solutions, developed by special orders, thus innovation forms an integral part of our developed projects. In 2006 and in 2011, for the application and development of new technologies “Algoritmų sistemos” was granted the "Innovative Company" award. This acknowledgement is the best encouragement to ambitiously face the future and continuously pursue a smooth operation of advanced Information Systems for people and business.