Large systems development

The demand for information systems is determined by large-scale information flows, a complex process management and high customer service standards. Recognizing the important role of the systems for internal and external processes of an organization, information systems are developed individually, following each organization or public authority’s requirements. In this way we reach the maximum of system operating performance.

Over 70% of our developed solutions include individual and large-scale information systems. We implement long-term projects, where the information systems development work amounts to 11 million Litas. In large-scale systems we realize a lot of integration with other systems; for example, one installation includes 40 different integrations with other systems. The large-scale systems development process can involve up to 20 professionals in their field. Regardless of the number of people employed, the project is progressing smoothly and we get effective results. One of our developed information system combines dozens of remote units. It can be handled by hundreds of internal and hundreds of thousands of external users.

The main design principles of large systems

Functionality – having thoroughly analyzed your needs, we install systems which include only the functions required for your company.

Security – we guarantee the data security and, if necessary, information availability can be differentiated.

Integrity – we adhere to the principle of integrity, so that to avoid the systems overlap.

Simplicity – we develop such systems which allow the staff and end-users perform the requested tasks easily and comfortably. 

Large systems development

The demand for information systems is determined by large-scale information flows, a complex process... 

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