Innovation Centre

In 2006 we established the Innovation Centre to design, develop and implement potential and innovative ideas. This is one of our priority areas where the synergy of research and business ensures advanced solutions required to meet the demands of modern society. Although we focus on commercial goals, we also actively engage in research and technological development projects.

Innovation Center's mission

One of the Innovation Center's strategic goals - to increase the integration of innovation, as more than 80% of the decisions we create by individual orders. We believe that our innovative products and services provide the basis for the customer’s operational efficiency, stability and value growth, so we take the responsibility for results and successful adaptation.

Innovation continuity

To ensure the continuity of innovation and implementation processes, each year we allocate 7% of the company’s revenue on innovations. Innovation creates a high added value to our products and solutions and competitive advantage not only in Lithuania, but in foreign markets as well. We pursue long-term goals that would enable to increase the company’s possibilities of utilizing the resources and perspectives. A constant focus on innovation – this is the “Algoritmų sistemos” ltd policy and practice.


In 2006 and 2011, in the contest initiated by the Lithuanian Innovation Centre and Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, we were granted the ‘Innovation Prize’ award in the innovative company category.

We have been chosen as technological partners by the working group of the European Commission-funded project ‘ReDSeeDS. During the project, 11 research and business organizations from 7 different European countries conducted research aimed at developing and testing an innovative product – the software development platform.

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Innovation Centre

In 2006 we established the Innovation Centre to design, develop and implement potential and innovative...

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