Business Intelligence

To stay among the strongest and make strategic decisions based on objective indicators, we recommend a tool of Business Intelligence. Performance analysis is a service which includes a variety of technologies, IT systems, knowledge and methodologies, through which all respective data are provided to a person in a clear and acceptable form (e. g, reports, notifications, graphs, etc.). This includes the required data collection from primary sources, arrangement of the desired relevant information (based on the collected data) and its submission to the consumers who make decisions.

By conducting a continuous performance analysis, we realized its maximum benefit to the managing authorities – a possibility to quickly respond to the ever changing market trends. Data analysis makes it possible to select a comfortable form of data representation, different cross-sections of information and data protection for individual employees or departments.

The main activities of business intelligence

Data collection and preparation includes compiling data received from different sources, so that all relevant information is concentrated in one place.

Data submission consists of static reports, generated following the pre-defined requirements, dynamic reports that can be created by users, integration with Microsoft Office (makes it possible to display and process the data in MS Excel spreadsheets) and interactive display of indicators – Dashboard.

Data analysis includes aggregation and processing of analytical transactional data by specialized technical tools (OLAP), results, scorecarding, data mapping by a variety of graphical techniques and modeling (implementing ‘what if’ scenario).

For the performance analysis we apply the best Oracle, Board and Microsoft manufacturers’ solutions. We have created a perfect portfolio of knowledge and experience, which we’ll be glad to share with you. 

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